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Mend A Bear Event Summary

 EVENT NAME:  Evans Annual Community Safety and Awareness Day

Sam’s Club parking lot


EVENT DATE: August 9, 2014  9am-12 noon (Arrived at 7am, left at 1 pm)


PURPOSE: To familiarize the community with safety resources available to them. Provide hands on experiences for adults and children


PARTICIPANTS: K-9 team, SWAT team, School Safety, Safe Driving/Drive Smart, Drug and Gang Resistance, Senior Citizen Support, Teen and Family Safety, Mental Health Education, Booster Seat Blitz


ATTENDEES: Adults, families with small children, older adults


COMMENTS: This was a well attended event with an estimated 500+ attendees. We set up our booth along with Marilyn Sykes (concussion education) next to the Banner Health Ambulance. We held a “Mend A Bear” Hospital inside the ambulance. The scenario was, 3 bears involved in a bicycle accident. 2 were wearing helmets and had abrasions and sprains, but no head injury. The 3rd bear was not wearing a helmet and did suffer a head injury. Children came in to the ambulance to assist us with caring for the bears. They dressed wounds and wrapped a fractured arm on one of the bears. We were able to discuss the importance of wearing helmets and protecting our brains. The children seemed very engaged in caring for the bears. We distributed hand-outs on how to prevent concussions and head injuries and helmet safety awareness. The booth was well received and parents thanked us for the experience.


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