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NCRETAC Planning & Budget Page

RETAC's are charged with developing plans that outline processes to coordinate and improve Emergency Medical/Trauma Services (EMTS) care in the region. This charge comes from the Colorado Revised Statute. With that task in mind the NCRETAC continually evaluates needs,collects information, survey's, agencies, providers and EMS education institutions.

This planning has provided the opportunity to identify needs throughout the NCRETAC, driven the goals and objectives and have provided a method for local providers of EMS providers to obtain funding to help solve these needs on a local level. Feel free to download and distribute these documents. Local providers have been able to provide documentation and justification of need in grants applications and local planning efforts. As some of the documents are quite lengthy it might be better to download prior to printing.

Biennial Plan 2017-2019


The Funding for RETAC operations come from a portion of the EMS account through a process of collecting fee's from the Highway Users Tax Fund (HUTF). For each license plate purchased in the state $2.00 goes to the EMS account. Out of that account portions are used by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment to fund the State EMS Grant, operations of the Pre-Hospital Care Program under the Department, special projects and RETAC systems development.

In regards to RETAC funds these are dispersed through a statutory requirement that for each RETAC of 5 counties or more the RETAC's receive $75,000 dollars and for each county in the RETAC's they receive $15,000. In the case of the NCRETAC we receive $210,000 per fiscal year. In addition the NCRETAC recieves an additional increase based on the rate of inflation since 2001. Other yearly project funding of $33,000 is for Regional Medical Direction;

FY 2017-18 Budget

Funds recieved from the CDPHE

$135,000 x 9 Counties
$75,000 Base Funding
$26,376 Rate of Inflation increase
$33,000 Regional Medical Direction
$269,376 Total


Summary Budget for FY 2017-18

Category Approved
Operating $47,740
Personnel $99,324
RML $33,000
Projects $78,812
Transfer to S/R/I $10,500
Total $269,376



Of that amount a percentage goes to operations and a percentage goes to special regional projects. local RETAC grants and other projects identified as a need by the council. These needs are evaluated through strategic planning, needs assessments, setting goals and objectives and meeting state deliverables as identified by the State Emergency Medical/Trauma Advisory Council and the Department.

The amount received by each RETAC is fixed by the number of counties in each RETAC. However additional funds can be requested by the RETAC's as allowed in the Colorado Revised Statute. RETAC's vary in geography as well as need or resources. It is up to each RETAC to determine funding needs individually and provides flexibility in each RETAC. 

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